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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Women of Ireland February 23, 2013

“Women of Ireland”: Become Women of Cerritos

                By Glen Creason

     As St. Paddy’s day looms, Cerritos has taken on a definite green hue as of late and Saturday’s “Women of Ireland” show was more of the musical forty shades. On the tapping heels of “Rhythm of the Dance” this “Women of Ireland” show offered another grand scale, grand celebration of Celtic pride and a glorification of the Emerald Isle’s dance and song. The concert brought much more color than green, including an entire stage-full or beautiful women and fine looking men along with some amazing musicianship that spared no showman (or woman) ship. At the center is the dazzlingly gorgeous trio of O’Neill sisters (Fiona, Naomi, Evangeline) from Kerry  who sang well alone and even better together, such contemporary songs as “Marie’s Wedding,” “Carolina Rua,” “Where the Blarney Roses Grow” along with the lively “Red Haired Mary” that well pleased the decidedly enthusiastic crowd. The lovely ladies changed from one fine gown to another and while their voices were high and sweet on songs like “the Green Fields of France,” “There for Me” or “Imagine” it was hard not to get lost in the enchantment of the O’Neill’s pulchritude.
     Yet, some of the finest moments on this night came from the little, scene-stealing fiddler Niamh Gallagher who not only raised the temperature of the concert hall whenever she put bow to fiddle as her  joyful countenance was infectiously delightful to fellow performers and audience. Likewise, fueling the fun were the excellent small band of drums, whistle/bodhran, guitar, pipes/saxophone, the terrific keyboards of Cian Boylan and the amazingly invigorating accordion of Kevin Jones. Both gents were brilliant throughout along with Dan the drummer man. That is in no way to slight the absolutely marvelous dancing of the supremely confident (for good reason) Kelly McDonnell, her unfairly unidentified male counterpart and the two young ladies who exploded onto the stage like flying pixies, lighting up every number they joined and causing great gushes of applause from the balcony. When the evening concluded I could only repeat  “slainte chuig na fir, agus go mairfidh na mna go deo” (health to the men and may the women live forever!”)


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