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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Magic Kingdom Once Again November 26. 2009

Passages at the Magic Kingdom

Glen Creason

As time flies by in great chunks and Independence Day’s blends into Thanksgiving I once again attempt to push down the brake pedal on chronos and find myself standing before Disneyland where I once stood as a child. While I no longer wear Keds and get a ride from my Mom I still have that same spirit that becomes thrilled by the sight of Main Street and Sleeping Beauty’s castle. This time a few of the hairs that stand on end are gray but in my heart I am just that same kid again. The new kingdom is certainly different from that magical hundred and fifty acres I first roamed but the looks on the young faces we saw all over the park are as fresh as the one I had on that sizzling, over one hundred degree morning back in the days when Ike was president and recession was just the beginning of a word used in church. Thomas Wolfe said you can't go home again but I beg to differ when it comes to Disneyland.
Now there are two parks and I still find Disneyland more to my liking since it is rife with the stages of my life. It may be changed but I mostly see Main street with the spongy asphalt I romped down on opening days; there is the Matterhorn where my Dad took us when I was twelve; Tom Sawyers Island where my tweener buddies and I fought Indians and got booted off the War canoes for being wise-guys; Autopia where I began my baptism into the horrible life of freeway driving in Los Angeles; the bandstand by Tomorrow land where I stood around smoking cigarettes as a goony teen trying to make connection; the Haunted Mansion where I first strolled as a hippie in the day; the Peter Pan ride where I proudly accompanied my little daughter in the eighties; the Pirates of the Caribbean which my Mom hilariously called Pirates of Penzance by mistake and Splash Mountain that I shared with the woman I love yesterday. There is something terribly thrilling to have your tush grabbed by a gorgeous woman you adore while in line for those Pirates of Penzance. When I look at her there is no need for fireworks or parades because that is happening in my heart twenty-four hours a day.
We might be sophisticated and blasé about many things in our lives. We may have seen and done the hard things like losing loved ones and raising children or fighting for a livelihood in a sad economy but there will always be a place, a need for the fantasy that such a place affords. When I walked through this unexpectedly crowded park and took in the sights I felt hope and joy that we all can come together in one happy place and at least pretend that all is right in the world. It’s refreshing, it a battery charger and when it is done with someone you love it can be truly wonderful.


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